성탄일에 pt. 1

by Layne L'Heureux

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released October 12, 2008



all rights reserved


Layne L'Heureux Edmonton, Alberta

Layne L'Heureux is a producer, label co-owner, engineer and recording artist from Edmonton Alberta.
He fronts the alternative/noise/rock trio Diehatzu Hijets (diehatzuhijets.bandcamp.com).
He co-founded Labrador City Records in 2008 with Tyler Butler (tylerbutler.bandcamp.com) releasing three albums.
In 2011 he released his 4th record 'New' on Old Ugly, and his 5th and 6th independently.
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Track Name: Amity
Track Name: Good Fortune
My sink leaks, makes small drips on the plates
Of which I've decided not to clean
Instead I'll rise from bed and make coffee
Take a walk in the brisk morning streets
Chinatown outlets and running kids
Speaking languages that far surpass me

I have no money, not enough to eat
Instead I'll pass downtown to the valley
My tobacco of which i've so foolishly spent
The coins I've worked so hard to keep

Down on Whyte at Burlington's
Across the ave I rode my bike
109th to the Parliament
I'll sleep all day in the grass instead

Good Fortune, fortune to you

May the resting dragon asleep on buddha's breast
Wish good fortune to you
Track Name: This First
And I will go with you until the end of the world
And I am a buffalo, and you are a buffalo
And we're off to see the fox

And this is the darkness, upon where all things are made
And I have came from such a place
And you have came from such a place

And this is where I belong
I am free
Track Name: Fugitive Kind
If you want babe i'll take you after school
Take a drive in my car and listen to some music if that's cool
The kind that makes you feel empowered
No matter how useless you truly are

And it's good for my soul
It makes my heart grow

Your dad, he won't stop working me down
With his relentless questions, he's messing me around
He says I have to stop taking you out
Or else he'll tell my mom what this is really about

That's just the way the cookie crumbles
I'm too old anyway to be messing with a minor

I'm more like Marlon Brando, the fugitive type
A tight ribbed leather jacket wearing mother fucker

Freedom calls to me over everything
The open road babe, that's what I dig
You make me feel like a punch to the stomach
Now i'm bloated and old, and on the run from nothing

And it feels so good to be true
Alone and so far away from you

And that's the way it'll stay...
Track Name: Vernon and Josephine
I'll meet you down the street
On the corner of Vernon and Josephine
Underneath the eaves

My back against the brisk
My feet tapping the cement
My breath smokes
The morning's cold

And on the corner I wait
For a moon notwithstanding
What the sun's already demanded
The sky, a blue surrendered

And the truth has been revealed
Wavering when I speak
All the things I long to show you

On the corner I wait
On the corner of Vernon and Josephine
Underneath the eaves

And I long to show you
But i'm afraid the truth can't be traded
For a meaningless exchange
Of cigarettes or conversation

And I'll wait here as you bend to retrieve
That passing mango shadow you see
Between the passing river waves
And the floating leaves

Over Vernon and Josephine
Over Vernon and Josephine
Track Name: Ochre, Scarlet, and Teeth
If the universe was an envelope
And my words so loud
Who connects the cords
Of electricity with that esoteric glow?

And the neighbourhood looks like teeth
Who chews the skyline
And every time it eats
When the sunset comes

All shapes of atoms
Will circle in recital
Definitions of revolutions dance

And the sun circles from the eastern front
And i'll wait
And i'll wait

For her to come
Track Name: If I Was Wood
And if I was wood
I'd bend and crack, and reveal my things inside
Just like wooden horses
In my palms lie

And if I was wood
I'd float you to the other side
Across the river, make a fire
And oh Goddamn I finally realize

Ew Ew Ew Ew Oh

And if I was wood
I'd grow you green in the summer
Let you blossom and die in the winter
And come back again as a spider

'Cause i'm in love all the time

Ew Ew Ew Ew Oh

And you cannot set my soul free
It must be done on time
And I cannot set your soul free
All things come on time

And wake me at sunrise
With coffee and sheets
And the morning sun
And the dew, to clean
The feculence of the night, hereafter

'Cause i'm in love all the time
Track Name: Mendocino
Oh, how hard I tried
Baby why can't we be?
Oh in times like these
It always seems
The darkest alley won't keep me from being free

Oh California
Your driest season couldn't bring me down
Oh California
Mendocino I remember you well

To single out
A summers day
Let the years go by me
Feels more like a movie
Than a picture I once seen

Oh let me tell you
Celebrate life everyday
The southern sun will bless you

Oh California
Your wettest season couldn't bring me down
Oh Mendocino, where i'm bound

A thousand miles away
But I remember you well

Track Name: Tariqah
And it started out of high school
Did i mention that I had to move about on trouble's lake?
And it seems like I realize what I did
And I failed to invite you
On this self deprecating path
That I fell about in torrents of lethargy
And an apathetic fostering
That made me talk myself out of all the things
That I dreamt about as a kid
So I dare you to take it on
This emotional pilgrimage
That I cannot abandon cause I feel
One day it'll help me see this world like I used to

Clean away all this shitty mess
Underneath it the clearest mess
Won't you be there to let it ride
Allow life to take it's natural path

And the sun, 0h, how it shines
Upon the grass, making nitrogen to green your tracks
Let it lead through the twisting trees
Down the hill to the little village
That undulates with little child life

And infancy pours out into a constant stream
Glowering of happiness
Where the eldest rest, under the tireless sun
In this wooded deposit
Where God has fashioned a small recess
To free us from these constant trials

Oh my love won't you be by my side
And let this one go
I'm sorry for all the shit I put you guys through

And I love you two more than anything
And the cats with their furry bellies and ancient tongues
Speaking their languages i'll always miss

To interpret their teachings is a constant practice
I will always heed
And I hope we'll always be lit with the suns easy flow
To carry us when we've become so decrepit
That our bodies have given up

And we will be welcomed back to our home
Where our ancestors are awaiting us
Track Name: Metropolis
Wouldn't you like to know
Track Name: Amorous Wood
When she said
"Take me far away from this place"
I couldn't refuse her little ways
So I began to pack up our things

And she looked at me
And the moon shone in her eyes
I tried to tell myself I didn't mind
Setting my heart ablaze one more time

Amorous wood, how do you burn so good?
When the whole world is about to expire
I'd rather love, than burn in your fire

So I sat down on her bed
And we talked into the night
The lonely pauper's laugher echoed off us
Over candlelights

We tied our knots against all definable odds
And we made our escape
Knowing our fates would kill us if we stopped

Amorous wood, how do you burn so good?
When the whole world is about to expire
I'd rather love, than burn in your fire

I'd rather love than burn in your fire
Track Name: Stanley Milner
Morning light shines down
Kills the shadows downtown
Morning light shine through
Paints my body bright

Children play across the street
Noises at my window panes
I take the train to the library
And the snow is bright and brown in the streets

I got my backpack and some library fines
But I got no money and it's cold outside

And where I sit, I can watch the people in the square
Trading conversations and kisses
Drinking liquor and going about their business

The sun gets lost behind the clouds
Switching colours on the ground

Ron's in the cafe getting things started
Ron's in the cafe getting things started

The evening falls, the PA lights up
The music fades, the crowd burns out
I'll catch the 8, meet you down at the river
We'll drink the night, and wake up hung over